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President's New Year's Greeting

As we approach the beginning of a new year, I would like to thank each and everyone one of our members and sponsors for your dedication. By…

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Below is a list of ACA past presidents

Year Member Additional Information
2016 Pamela Glick
2015 Linda Miyhar
2014 Kowalski Brown
2013 Robin Weidman
2012 Ginger Glass
2011 Esther K Powers
2010 Kerri Crosby
2009 Russ Musgrove
2008 Tom Santamorena
2007 Sherrie Newton
2006 Diana Roe Hollis
2005 Shirley Hinton
2004 Mark Kozera
2003 Glenn D. Perich
2002 Larry Guzy
2001 Rodean Wilson
2000 Pete Mobely
1999 Charlotte Sadtler
1998 Doug White
1997 Rick Linville