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Our association was created in the fall of 1923, with the first organizational meeting being held at the Capital City Club in Atlanta.

The first name adopted was "Atlanta Claim Men's Association." This continued until 1931 when the name was changed to "Atlanta Association of Claim Men." By resolution adopted February 24, 1943, the name was again changed to the present " Atlanta Claims Association." This latter change was made because of the increasing number of women who were entering the field of adjusting.

The charter membership of our organization was made up of the following men:

  James C. Atkinson, Jr United States Fidelity & Guar. Co.  
  J.Alexander Bartlett United States Fidelity & Guar. Co.  
  William Colter Travelers Insurance Co.  
  Francis W. Forster Georgia Casualty Co.  
  Frank W. Hollman Ocean Accident & Guar. Corp., Ltd.  
  Edward S. Kelly United States Fidelity & Guar. Co.  
  Chauncey Middlebrooks Attorney, Bryan & Middlebrooks  
  Robert M. Mitchell American Mutual Liability Ins. Co.  
  George G. Reid United States Fidelity & Guar. Co.  
  Ralph G. Sims Ocean Accident & Guar. Corp., Ltd.  
  William J. Welch Maryland Casualty Co.  
  Fay F. Wood Hartford Accident & Indemnity Co.  
  Leroy F. Wynne Georgia Power Co.  
  Ralph J. Wynne Georgia Power Co.  

Actual records of the first, and many subsequent meetings, have long been lost, and it is only through recollections of the old members that we are able to give these facts.

The first meetings were held at night at the old Daffodil Restaurant, then located on Pryor Street behind the Candler Building. The dues were small and the Treasury was always scant.

In the period September 27 to 29, 1927 the International Association of Accident Boards and Commissions held its annual meeting in Atlanta, honoring its president, Honorable Hal M. Stanley, who was Chairman of Georgia's State Board of Workmen's Compensation.

The Claims Men, with the financial assistance of the Companies, hosted a Banquet at the Biltmore Hotel for the Commissioners in attendance.

The efficient manner in which this affair was conducted enabled the Association to refund a part of their contribution to each Company.

The Association prospered and suffered at intervals. Although a splendid comradeship was created, nothing of any lasting value was accomplished until 1933, when a re-organization took place.

Our Association has grown in size with each succeeding year and in 1969 we recorded our one thousandth member for the year. Accomplishments have been of real value, and possibilities of continuing success are excellent.

Many things have been done for the betterment of conditions under which we operate. A friendly feeling has been cemented with the legal profession, and many of our lawyer members have affiliated with the State Bar Association.

A school for members was conducted each fall for several years. The lectures, usually ten in number, were given once each week. They were well attended. In 1953, a new and progressive idea was inaugurated. It was the Adjusters Seminar. Panel discussions were conducted by prominent members of the Association.

Probably the greatest and most far reaching accomplishment was our participation in the breaking up of the fake claim and damage suit racket. Through the cooperation of the Solicitor-General of the Atlanta Circuit, the Association of Casualty & Surety Executives, the Southeast Index Bureau and many local utility and manufacturing concerns, an illicit business which had flourished in our midst, was destroyed. The effect of our efforts will be felt for a long time hence, and by keeping alert, we can prevent a recurrence of an era which at one time, looked very dark.

Our directory was first published in 1940 and has been continued as a means of identifying our members. It has created favorable comments from many sources.

In 1939 our Constitution and By-Laws were revised as to extend membership to non-resident attorneys and adjusters. In 1985, we again revised our Constitution and By-Laws to include sponsors. Their participation in the Association has been very helpful.

Our accomplishments have drawn favorable national recognition of which we are justly proud. Plans for the future include a continuance of many worthy enterprises we have fostered for the good of the new members in our ranks They may enter with a feeling of welcome and be assured of our pleasure in having them.